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my name is monica but now i'm better known as nana. i have recurring dreams about faraway places and wild animals running free. i love to create with paper, food and yarn and i love to share snippets of my life.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Creative Art Journal Challenge Week #13

The challenge for this week is to create a card that expresses the statement 'i believe' something big, something small...something you believe in :)
I believe that everything happens for a reason...even the hardships in life...and that we are all a part of a bigger picture. and like film, it takes time and patience for the image( or reason) to manifest itself.


Sisibear said...

first of all, beautiful card!
If I had the skill like you..

and second,
here's my card! =)

ps, thank you for coming to the silent auction

Mick-Mick said...

(by the way, just thought you should know that sometimes it's sierra on mickee's account!)

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