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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nose Warmers are cool!

Laugh at me if you must but nose warmers REALLY work! My nose was so cold today so I whipped one of these up. I remember having one as a teenager . My husband thinks I have completely lost my mind and that my neurosurgery couldn't come soon enough!...but hey... my nose is cozy warm so who's laughing now?! I found the pattern on Pixxi Dust blog and the pattern is as follows:

To knit nosewarmer:

Cast on 40 sts

Round 1: K1, p1
Round 2: K1, p1  
Work in stockinette st as follows 
Round 3: K
Round 4:K 
Round 5: *K6, K2tog, repeat from * to end.
Round 6: K
Round 7: *K5, K2tog, repeat from * to end.
Round 8: K
Round 9: *K4, K2tog, repeat from * to end.
Round 10: K
Round 11:*K3, K2tog, repeat from * to end.
Round  12: K
Round 13: *K2, K2tog, repeat from * to end.

Round 14: K
Round 15: * K1, K2tog, repeat from * to end.
Round 16: K
Round17: *K2tog, repeat from * to end. (5 sts left)
Cut yarn, use darning needle to pull through remaining sts and weave in ends.

To make cord:
I used six strands of the yarn and braid a long enough cord to fit around you head. I braided a 21 inch cord.
Tie cord onto nosewarmer and enjoy a toasty warm nose always!!!

1 comment:

Sue~tsnbjj said...

That is too cute! When my nose gets cold, I'm cold all over. How clever to make a little nose warmer. Very cute. hugs, Sue

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